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Comes with the Package

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July 23, 2010
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So, I started getting interested in my boyfriend who I do love, and have been dating for almost 3 years and 8 months. I was a pretty good Catholic at that point in time. But he started to re-introduce me into s----l jokes, and seeing as I was 16 and trying to reel him in (har har) I went along with it. Here we are, and we still joke like we're 16 years old. I have ALWAYS hated it! Don't get me wrong, I can find humor in some of the stuff, but at the same time, I'm about to be 21, boys have penises girls have vaginas-big whoopty-doo. Why is it so funny? I am NOT in second grade. My boyfriend and I, as well as our friends all say that we need to change our ways, but we all never ever do.

Also, my boyfriend's family is extrememly perverted! I can't tell you how many times his father has talked about his own penis at the dinner table, never mind any other time/place! Also, his mom receives cosmo mags, and his dad recieves Maxim mags. They are fine with not only going to Hooters and Bikinis (which they took my boyfriend to, even thought they have made several different comments on how neither of us is into such things, I'll get to that later) but they go to strip clubs, well, his dad at least, but I take it that she joins him, seeing as it tends to be a party.
This is every day for me. Neither of us have our own place so we have to hangout there. At his house (my house has no privacy, and seeing as we can talk about anything and everything, that’s not such a good idea lol)
My bf also used to get turned on by lesbians, but pretty early on in our relationship when he saw this was a big “no no†he stopped. And I can believe it, because how a person thinks just needs to be questioned-and seeing as he grew up around watching R rated movies as a young child, being privy to adult conversations, seeing his parents drunk when they feel like it (they are not drunks, but when they party they PARTY!)…etc he never had to question it. Also, he never really talks about things he believes in (we’re working on that) so it wouldn’t be brought up and questioned by any of our friends. But I must admit -and even thought I reassure him otherwise, he must know that I: am scared that he will end up like his family. Particularly his father, but it’s both his Grandfathers and one of his Grandmothers too! His mother’s parents went on their honey moon and when the pictures were developed there was a pix of some hot girl. ON THEIR HONEY-MOON!
My boyfriend used to consider himself non-denominational because his friends he grew up with were and it seemed like an interesting faith, with good points, so he sort of believed it, although, in the spirit of his family, never went to a service! He is 20 years old and is SHOCKED to hear his parents speak of something they believe/don’t believe in-be it religion or politics. Although, buddism is something that has played a role in his life because of his family being involved in martial arts.
Actually, Buddism is something he learns most towards when it comes to religion-although I must give him credit, he doesn’t believe that people are reborn.
We have wanted to get married for almost 3 years now-well, professed that we want to get married, I know I have thought of it since I realized I love him only a few months into our relationship. He says that of course he’ll come with me and our children-when we have some-to church, he’s not going to let me go all alone. But, I’m concerned about marrying a non-Catholic. Not just because it would be hard, but because how does one do that! Live life as one EXCEPT when it comes to where you’ll both be for all of eternity. It’s like trying to hold someone who is a foot or so from you!
I have many concerns but seeing as I haven’t been able to sleep due to stress from school, bills, and all of the above, I couldn’t sleep. My brain however seems to be shutting down for now seeing as I’ve been awake for 24 hours no =( BUT! Please read, and if something is not understood, please feel free to ask, and if you can, offer me advice! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you and good night for now!

"Hail Holy Queen...that we may immitate what they contain and obtain what they promise."
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March 1, 2012
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`Hi. Reading this, I realize I am in a somewhat similar situation. Truth is, that if your boyfriend has been immersed in this kind of environment all his life, there is little chance he will change. You must decide if you are willing to deal with this if you spend the rest of your life with him. Remember that you are equal to him and deserve true happiness! He is happy and content in his situation, but you should think of yourself, too!Smile I'm doing the same thing, trust me.... It's hard to change your thoughts but it's worth it. You are in my thoughts and prayers! :)

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